Anna Parmentier

I am a Video game UI/UX Designer, welcome to my portfolio!


Game specifications
Single player mobile racing game with experimental controls
Engine: Construct 2
Team of 5 students

Initializing connection… The world has been digitized and no life remains. Take control of our last hope: a single organism designed to create life in this desolate world. You must act quickly before the system adapts. Guide h0p3 to infiltrate the network and use it to create new life. You must bring back organic in the digital world. Good luck.

My role:
- Concept art
- Every 2D assets (evolving environment, mini games)
- Sprite animations
- Rotoscoping for trailer

Play the BETA on google play. // Visit the official page
The Team Classy Hobos: Antoine Fion, Valentin Teirlinck, Nicolas Rault, Anna Parmentier.

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