Personal Work


I am deeply inspired and moved by the temple culture in India; the old baths, the life around the staircases... Nonetheless, I decided to dress my characters in white, giving them look rather Egyptian if anything! 2015




Series of scenes for an ongoing environment project. 2016

Traveling live sketches

I took the habit to sketch every time I take a transport in India. Bus, boat, train... I add the colors later on, with Photoshop. I hold a travelling blog to tell my adventures with text, sketches and photos. 2015

Bankrupt - Illustration

Research of mood and lighting, experimentation of sharper render style. 2015

Color studies

2010 was roughly the year I started doing digital artworks. It really took a leap forward when I started doing the "sessions": daily photo studies focussed mostly on the colours.I must have done about 600 in the span of 3 years. I spend 15 minutes on each, and color pick afterward to understand where my analyse went wrong. I consider vital to perpetually study from nature and from photos.