Anna Parmentier

I am a Video game UI/UX Designer, welcome to my portfolio!

Personal Work


I am deeply inspired and moved by the temple culture in India; the old baths, the life around the staircases... I enjoyed playing with the perspective for this piece 2015

Magical ride - Illustration




The kid - Illustration


Traveling live sketches

I took the habit to sketch every time I take a transport in India. Bus, boat, train... I add the colors later on, with Photoshop. I hold a travelling blog to tell my adventures with text, sketches and photos. 2015

Two pages of the comic book

During the summer 2013, I drew a comic about energies. This work was a commissioned work from the House of Ecology in St Etienne (France). This is the 3rd book of the series.
I was given a text storyboard. The two males character design was already defined in the previous book.
I first scribled the storyboard on paper, then work the lineart on Gimp. I colored and added the texts on photoshop.

Art project: fabric postcards

The XX th century saw the birth and the death of the Vosgien Textile Industry. Today there are only empty spaces in the territory left. Like wounds in the Vosges' history. I chose to show only a kind of sweetness. The transience of those factories' existence which lasted less than a century. Melancholy remembrance of a bygone era – time of full employment, union struggle, growth, hope of better tomorrows. Memories are of course polished by time; « It was nice... But hard too. It wasn't like now ». Here begins the resilience process. Sand and grass have replaced those industrial areas. The postcards serve as a relay to collective memory. Photographs pass from hand to hand, drawings appeal to remember. These are thin, clumsy, close to be swept by the pattern. But finally, it doesn't evoke the Vosges only, it evokes our parents', great parents' or great great parents' history, as a collective family album.
A series of 17 fabric postcards with testimonies written on the back. The fabrics are originated from the factory in which my grandfather worked his whole life. I have drawn the factories using as reference photo-cards of the north-east of France.
Read more about the project Carte Postales Grand Teint 2012

Tofino - Illustration


Color studies

While I have always been drawing, 2010 was roughly the year I seriously got into digital artworks. It really took a leap forward after I started the "sessions": daily photo studies focused mostly on the colours. I must have done about 600 in the span of 3 years. I spend 15 minutes on each, and color pick afterward to understand where my analyse went wrong. I consider vital to perpetually study from nature and from photos.

Freya et moi - Illustration


Bankrupt - Illustration

Research of mood and lighting, experimentation of sharper render style. 2015