Anna Parmentier

I am a Video game UI/UX Designer, welcome to my portfolio!

Game Artist Portfolio

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My name is Anna Parmentier and I am a UI/UX Designer working in the Video Game Industry. I am also trained in and experienced with 2D Asset production, marketing art and concept art.

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UI Art

Concept art

3D work

After a bachelor of fine arts in France (St Etienne, 2012) and several years of experience in graphic design and illustration, I definitely turned to video game art. I completed in 2015 my master in Management and Video Game Art in Supinfogame Pune in India.

I love to create various universes and stories, I spend my time experimenting on shapes and styles ; every time I work on a game I try to give it a special, unique touch. In my off-time, when I am not reading or playing, I'm sketching the world!

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