Anna Parmentier

I am a Video game UI/UX Designer, welcome to my portfolio!


My main UI experiences are for mobile game, but I started my career in graphic design and UX by designing and developing websites.

Mobile Game UI - Kitty Journey

Role: Art direction at V11 Studio Game. Environment concept arts, UI art and marketing art. I conceived all the layouts in photoshop, using wireframes provided by the UX designer. I made the icons in 3D, rendered them and painted over in photoshop to fit the interface. 2017

Feature flow mapping - Party in my Dorm

UI flow prototyped with Adobe XD Combination of wireframe and mock ups, used to test the overall flow of the "Rate my Room!" feature before further detailing. 2020

Mobile Game UI - Party in my Dorm

UI for PIMD: Profile, Competition system, Timer speed up screen
In above example, the profile screen had been designed by the previous UI/UX Designer working on PIMD, but only implemented on Android Studio. I decided to learn to use XCode to update the profile on iOS and then proceeded to iterate changes on iOS and Android versions.
The second screenshot is a feature I designed, Extracurricular (or XC). This feature is based off the Competition backend service used for another ATA Game. We decided to add it to PIMD as it was a great way to deliver objectives and train Game Designers to a unify data system.
The third screenshot (on the left) is a smaller feature allowing players to speed up timer items (boxes or pet) using speed up items. The optimal quantity to use for a given speed up appears whenever the player presses Use 1.
Party in my Dorm, 2017-2020 Read more

Mobile Game UI - Kingdoms at War

Features never implemented as the project scaled down resources.
On the left, allow players to manage public chat channels: hide/show, order.
On the right, research to revamp player profile - internal and external - and allow for more personalization. I prototyped the navigation with
Kingdom at War is an old mobile city builder/war game, text and interface heavy, created in 2009. There was multiple challenges to this project, such as a navigation different between the android and iOS projects, as well as a PC version at the time (support has been dropped since). The community is still very attached to the game, it was fun to design for them.

PC Game UI - Influenced

Play Influenced - Nanoreno 2020 gamejam, team of 3. Role: UI Artist Within the constraint of the viz novel engine (renpy), wireframed and designed interface for a dystopian fantasy instagram influencer visual novel. 2020

Mobile Game UI - Wild Factions

Role: Concept art, UI art and marketing art. UI mocks for a city builder project at V11 Studio Games. I worked with the UX designer on the overall flow and tried various types of layout while following his mentorship. Done on photoshop. 2016

Sci-Fi themed UI exercise

Short exercise done on photoshop using provided character and background assets. 2017

Mock-up for a pharmacy CMS

Internship work. I created several mock up for the project, front and back office of the CMS. Indev Brussels 2012

Web development

From a mock up designed by Benjamin Broche, I did the HTML, CSS and javascript for a wedding dress shop based in Saint Etienne, Adriana Granados. 2011

Shindra - comic and card game

Joomla website for a friend. I had to make a template from scratch, that would have a three column mode for most pages, and a single column with navigation for the comics part, the idea being to ease the reading as much as possible. Visit the website