Anna Parmentier

I am a Video game UI/UX Designer, welcome to my portfolio!

Game Jams and short projects

I love a good jam. Game jams and contests are an occasion to experiment new technics, quickly iterate and rapidly prototype. I get to try things outside of work with peeps in and out of the industry. Mess around, and find out!

The Snake hungers... Will you be its snak? 48 hours for the GMTK2023 Game Jam. I did UI art.

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Stand up for Humankind GGGJ 2024
UI art and UI implementation
Save the earth with wit in this silly adventure. Drag and drop words to make phrases for the alien judges. But be careful, they only like certain words. Can you figure out what they like?

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Swissnex Bangalore Game Jam 2014 - Market Mayhem3 days multicultural game jam on the theme "market"
Mobile game created on Unity 2D, the characters were drawn in separated pieces on Flash, then shuffled in Unity to make a more diversified crowd.
Global Game Jam 2015
- Aero Bomb Shock48hours jam with the theme "What do we do now?" Coordination 2VS2 flying superball game, PC game created on Construct2. Line art inspired by the work of Jean Giraud, I created concepts, assets, menus and sprites animations.
Killing Floor 2 map contest
- Dead Shore Objective map contest. I created a trinket (Hermit Crab) and helped to populate the level with props (test, level art, lighting). Assets integrated in the UDK3 framework with 3 game designers. Won the 5th place in the Grindhouse Contest! Chivalry map contest - InsurrectionI drew some rough concepts for the mood of the map and created a few assets required in addition to the assets of Chivalry. Assets integrated in the UDK3 framework by the game designers.

Featured video games

Minecraft Legends

Full time UX designer. Mockup and prototype, accessibility, crossplay support, integration, UX writing and more more

Case study

Problem: In Minecraft Legend's public PVP games, players are teamed up with strangers but struggle to communicate their needs and intentions to their teammates, creating frustration. The lack of built in text or voice chat put the players joining… more

Party in my Dorm

Full time job UI/UX Designer. UI art, integration, marketing art more

Kitty Journey

Full time job Art direction, concept art, UI art, 3D modeling of icons more

FarmVille 2

Internship in Zynga, Bangalore (IN) Concept artist more

Those Who Wander

Concept art, 3D assets, texturing, character design, modeling and rigging more


2D Mobile game for Viope Contest Concept artist, Lead artist more

Gourmet Quest

Internship in XIWEN GAmes 2D assets, 3D scene and objects and videos more

Where is my mine?!

Honorable Mention - 2D multiplayer game on construct 2 Lead artist, Concept artist more

Volff I - First of his name

Unity 3D multiplayer game, classwork Concept artist, 3D artist, Animator more

Game Jams and short projects

Various game jams and contests Concept, 2D and 3D more